Saturday, February 20, 2010

Guys Masterbate In Public Blog He Masterbates On The Bus...?

He masterbates on the bus...? - guys masterbate in public blog

Ok, so there is this 11-12 years in salary group 6 Now, he drives my bus, and there was one seat in front of me .... Well I was already with the PSP to naked girls .. masterbate only 12! You want to move so strange to your PSP with its movable and set .. .. Public on the school bus! What pervert .. I know that you are something, but if you just draw me of the girls naked and masterbate in public .. esspacially if they are so small, ...
What are your thoughts? Are you creeped out? I overeacting? Share everything you on this issue ..


Solo said...

It is no exaggeration, then I would be creeped. This young man needs someone to take control of them. It is against the law and must be reported.

Jason said...

uh, if you have serious problems, I mean, if it gets out of control and say something like "I know what you are doing and this insult ()", and if it continues so to say, the bus driver or capital. well sorta Masterbating is something private to do that is poor condition of 12 years to do so in a bus.

mr mystic said...

I began at 8 years, so it is no longer young. One of my friends has a bj from a girl while on the bus to Stranger Things happen. I find it hard to get on the bus, because you never know what's in this place.

Ronald said...

No, it is certainly inappropriate. Overeacting Not at all. I want to say something to the driver of a bus or a school administrator to do so. No one should see what your personal time on the bus.

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